Healer Sports Yoga Massage


Opening hours / Åbningstider

Monday to Sunday 11-19 / Mandag til søndag 11-19


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I am a Filipina danish citizen, given a gift of healing - from my Spanish grandfather - since birth through Sports Yoga Massage flowing oxygen vise versa as gravity of absolute cleansing itself into all nervous system,  effective Super Power healing being flexible and stable both inner & outer of body & soul.

Ludivina Lobrido Nielsen

Virtual Online Healing

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Bedst for Anti CORONAFRYGT, invalid eller ikke lyst til at fremvise sin krop.

Virtual Slankekur Sports, Reflex, Yoga Massage

  • Afkalkning og genopfriskning sundkost
  • Mail minimum 6 gang
  • Session hver 2. uge
  • Maksimum 12 gange total slankekur

1 time 1000 kr.
30 minuter 500 kr.

Virtual Basic Relaxing Yoga Massage

  • Afkalkning og genopfriskning sundkost mail
  • Minimum 6 gang
  • Session hver 2-3 uge
  • Maksimum 12 gange total slankekur

1 time 800 kr.
30 minuter 400 kr.

Personal dialog Coaching Total Healing

Sports, Reflex, Yoga, Massage Total Healing

1 time 1200kr.
30 minuter 600kr.

Firma Kampagne Package Deal 1-3 dag om måneden

  • Halvkrops Total Healing negotiable

Kontakt via mail ludivinanielsen@yahoo.com eller tlf. 25 56 95 57.


My goals of helping all human being on earth through Old Natural Healing process of body & soul without worst nightmare side effects  especially cancer patients & mental ill mankind.

In fact all clients had gone through my treatments deserved ultimate success from me having a new body & new soul  who mentained good health & ultimate happiness from diet, sleep, rest, carrier & at home.

Thus, with Healer - Sports Yoga Massage is most ultimate effective success unto all my previous clients with extreme progress being stable & flexible from nerves, muscles & joints ensuring proper flow of oxygen vise versa from toes & fingers into all nervous system especially braincells & arteries of the heart may save millions of lives totally healthy both body & soul. 

 I am born as a living missionary Angel from my heart & mind  wanted to help everybody from severe pain & disability aplying Natural ways inorder to avoid medicines or surgery especially Psykiatrist or many Psychologist from  social advisers.